About US

Atrium REIT is an industrial asset focused real estate investment trust constituted by a Trust Deed entered into on 20 November 2006, amended by the First Supplementary Deed dated 25 November 2008 and the Restated Deed dated 24 March 2016 between CIMB Commerce Trustee Berhad (formerly known as BHLB Trustee Berhad) as the Trustee and Atrium REIT Managers Sdn Bhd as the Manager (collective known as “First Deed”).

On 21 April 2016, the Manager, CIMB Commerce Trustee Berhad (“Retiring Trustee”) and Pacific Trustees Berhad (“New Trustee”) entered into a Second Supplementary Deed to effect the change of trustee of Atrium REIT from the Retiring Trustee to the New Trustee. The First Deed and the Second Supplementary Deed were further amended by a Second Restated Deed dated 17 December 2019 entered into between the Manager and Pacific Trustees Berhad, as the Trustee of Atrium REIT.

Atrium REIT was listed on Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 2 April 2007

Atrium REIT’s property portfolio consists of eight industrial properties located in prime locations in the Klang Valley and Penang, namely, Atrium Shah Alam 1, Atrium Shah Alam 2, Atrium Shah Alam 3, Atrium Shah Alam 4, Atrium Puchong, Atrium USJ, Atrium Bayan Lepas 1 and Atrium Bayan Lepas 2.

Our Mission

To maximize income in order to reward Unitholders with a competitive rate of return for their investments through regular and stable distributions and achieving long-term growth in distributions and Net Asset Value per unit.